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  • Dominic Holmes

    Dominic Holmes

    Data Scientist, Toronto Canada.

  • Papa


    Music. Art. Writing.

  • Prince Toe

    Prince Toe

  • Bret Barefoot

    Bret Barefoot

    Sheffield’s premier Health and Safety Training, Consultancy, Environmental and Quality Providers

  • Zachary Hussain

    Zachary Hussain

    ***A subreddit for sharing trip reports from some of our favourite travel writers; professional or amateur.***

  • Christopherbarber


    Author of HOW TO RAISE KIDS WHO AREN’T ASSHOLES out 2021. She/her

  • John Booth

    John Booth

    l writing is an amazing profession. Twitter :

  • Walker Welton

    Walker Welton

    I develop Unique Furniture Designs, make Designer Jewelry and Decor Elements

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