Michelangelo: Renaissance artist who tapped science innovations of the day with his art, would have been ready for the NFT digital renaissance.

Perhaps Michelangelo would have been the first artist in his day, who benefited from breakthrough NFT ( “non fungible token” ) digital artwork renaissance today. His personal letters expose his pain and frustration at being underpaid for his work , something that NFT technology hopes to reverse for many artists.

Iconic indie artists, and creators, frustrated by half finished works and the business of the day, where institutions control their financial fate . Things are changing. Michelangelo letters reveal the truth all indie artists can relate to, he was deeply frustrated at times for being underappreciated for his true value while creating the greatest works that reflect the divine and glimpses of “heaven”.

is a Hollywood based blockchain powered creative think tank founded by successful blockchain pioneers, who spent the last 5years helping create over $5 billion in movie, video game, social media, sports and art platforms market value around the world on the blockchain. The team an investment backed by blockchain media fund ) and is immersed in the new digital renaissance , and contemplates where we, and where the indie artists sit in history as well, with olagarchs and granite institutions we face, like in his time .NFT Blue’s team got their start a few years ago minting the first dog ( long before the dogecoin dog meme)as an NFT collectible, the first collectible sneaker in the world and the first NFT redeemable physical item of a snowboard trip to hang out with celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival as as an NFT. Now they signed deals for over $125 million in artwork , films, and indie projects to bring out as NFT’s into 2021 and beyond. Are they making history as well with the NFT revolution? You bet they are! Are artists perhaps more valuable when they leave the paradigm of past behind? You bet they are. Will they make history? Let all those who are indie artist, alone at night lit by a candle as iconic 17th century writer “Ralph Waldo Emerson “ in his log cabin was, be patient , trust and and watch history unfold. Tragically Michelangelo never got to taste all of the fruits of his labor.

And what if NFT and is it just a fad? Well we are not going to delve into that entirely here at the end of this article we link you to a very about just that subject.

To fully appreciate where we are in the paradigm shift today , lets return to one of the greatest artists in history; Michelangelo, the Italian painter of the Renaissance who lifted up the heavens and enlightenment in his works, after a dark era.

Could an artists, label, or creators unfinished works actually be the most valuable? You bet they could be. Just ask Michelangelo collectors around the world , his unfinished works are seen as some of the most valuable as they reflect moments in his career or thought, and innovation, and at times even emotionally weighed down in frustration

Could your works which were effectively stolen by Hollywoods systems that steal from the great creative minds leaving them crumbs in the deal, actually be converted back to the original creator for a windfall? You bet they can. You have to have been around the block for a while before you realize how “the deal” works in Hollywood, models give up their images so magazines monetize the rights, filmmakers give up their rights so Netflix, Disney.com and the video platforms can control everything while reporting when they feel like it , music artists royalty payments get lost, SAG royalties can be a joke, well lets be real, the list goes on. Absolute f-ckery. Not sure if you believe this? Blockbuster and Tower Records are all past names , companies who were leaders but got wiped out overnight with new innovation. We are happy to give you the listing of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meetings in Hollywood where its a guaranteed place to meet major A list actors and music artist , directly tell you their story, as they slipped down the tube of resentment, anger and f-ckery over their careers. Are we suggesting that Michelangelo was sipping from the church’s wine cellar daily, stressed by the bullshit they handed him daily , thats a whole other story, maybe it should be turned into an NFT minted story. But in short, absolutely yes! Just read his

Lets be fair on both sides of this conversation, not everyone who is an artist who enters the NFT space will thrive. Most won’t. But those will to tap in to the innovation and go forward with truly valuable projects and lead into this new paradigm are poised to reap the fruits in this lifetime that Michelangelo did not.

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